Quality and credentials
For us, food safety is non-negotiable. Our quality process starts with the careful selection, risk assessment and auditing of our growers, processors and packers.
We track every batch of raw material through our supply chain and production facilities. You can therefore be certain that the next delivery from us will be as good as the last. This means that, if you require it, we can offer full traceability back to source.
Rigorous standards
Our own production facilities are BRC Grade A or higher, GFSI and FDA compliant.

We also have halal, kosher and organic certification, though please note that not all of our products are available in each of these formats.

We closely monitor our own performance against these standards.

We continually check that our supply chain partners are also operating to these standards and we provide active support to help them improve their performance if required.

As a result, you can rely on the quality and safety of the ingredients, products and solutions we provide.
Global perspective
With production facilities in China, Europe and the United States, we understand how quality standards differ across the globe.
This means that we can meet your standards, wherever your product is to be sold.