Research and development
Creating value through innovation

Our research and development teams work to develop ingredients, products and solutions that create real value.

Whether solving a problem, or helping to bring a new idea to life, our food scientists, technologists and engineers are highly skilled, innovative and driven by shared success.

We use our creativity and technical expertise to make great ideas work and we understand the pressure you are under to speed new products to market.

We are determined to deliver – every time.

Facilities and resources
Each of our production facilities in the UK, USA, France and China has its own research and development team, analytical services and application laboratory.

Here, you will find pilot plants of test equipment, which perfectly replicate the performance of their full-sized counterparts. They enable us to make high-quality samples and try things out on a small scale.

We have application kitchens too, where we meet with customers to discuss challenges and opportunities. Working on recipes together, in a relaxed environment, enables us to share ideas and collaborate on new product development.

Prior to launch, our research and development teams work with operational colleagues to conduct trial runs on the full-sized production plant. This is to ensure that concepts can be scaled up successfully.

Global and local
Located in the UK, USA, France and China, our food experts work as a global team.

This enables us to offer a unique perspective on worldwide trends, to the benefit of customers aiming to launch in new territories.

We can provide advice too on manufacturing and quality standards, which vary country by country. This will ensure that your products meet the required specifications and legal compliance, wherever they are sold.

Our technical reference library is available, online, to all of our customers. It contains a wealth of useful information for new product development teams.

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