Fruit Jellies

Raspberry Fruit Jellies

Products Used


  • Makes approx. 25-35 jellies (dependant on mould size)
  • 10.2g (0.36oz) Leaf Gelatine
  • 90g (3.17oz) Cold Water
  • 0.5g (0.017oz) Citric Acid
  • 80.5g (2.84oz) Corn Syrup
  • 35.5g (1.25oz) Caster Sugar
  • 35g (1.23oz) Chaucer Seedless Raspberry Powder


Why not try replacing Raspberry for Lime Powder for a citrus twist.












  • 1 Clean moulds with hot soapy water and a soft sponge & dry thoroughly (preferably leave for 5-10 hours prior to use in a dry environment, to ensure moulds are completely dry).
  • 2 Using a small brush or light mist spray, oil the candy moulds.
  • 3 In a small bowl add leaf gelatine & half the cold water, leave for 5-10 minutes to allow the gelatine to soften and absorb the water.
  • 4 In a small pan add the corn syrup, caster sugar and remaining water, bring to the boil and simmer until all sugar is fully dissolved.
  • 5 Remove pan from heat and mix in the freeze-dried fruit powder until fully dispersed, add the gelatine water and citric acid return to a gentle heat, lightly stirring with only a spoon to avoid generating bubbles until gelatine has fully dissolved.
  • 6 Allow to cool for 5 minutes and stirring smoothly as not to create bubbles but frequently to prevent a skin forming.
  • 7 Heat for approx. 1 minute on a medium heat stirring after the first 30 seconds then every 15 seconds approx.
  • 8 Remove pan from heat and allow to cool, stirring lightly but frequently taking care to not generate any additional bubbles within the mix.
  • 9 Using a pipette or small jug fill pre oiled moulds to ¾ full, let candy sit for 30 minutes then transfer to a refrigerator for a further 30 minutes.
  • 10 Remove candies from moulds and allow to stand for 48 hours then turn over and allow to stand for another 24-48 hours (until texture is to required chewiness) then transfer to an air tight container.


  • Raspberry powder is great when used in candy application as it quickly blends into the mix to help create a striking and vibrant colour
  • Freeze-dried ingredients make the perfect addition to fruit candies and completely remove the requirement of adding additional flavourings
  • No fuss no mess
  • Less waste
  • No knives required
  • Small quantities – big impact – low density therefore low inclusion %
  • Long shelf life at ambient temperature
  • No preservatives
  • Can help to reduce added sugar
  • No additional water introduction into recipes

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