3 Ways Freeze-Dried and Baked Ingredients Add Value in Foodservice

September 2020

As consumers continue to prioritize healthier eating and more environmentally-conscious food choices, foodservice operators are exploring new vegetarian and plant-based dishes and finding innovative ways to include fruits and vegetables in their recipes.

Learn more about how freeze-dried ingredients can make it easier to keep up with the latest consumer trends and check out recipe inspiration for every meal:

All the benefits of fresh without any of the hassle

Freeze-dried ingredients offer several benefits for foodservice operators:

  1. Easier customization options – Freeze-dried fruits come in a variety of different ready-to-use forms and presentations, from slices and pieces, to purees and powders. With no chopping, cutting, or preparation required, it is easy and affordable to offer multiple customization options.
  2. Space-saving packaging – Freeze-dried fruit and vegetables are stored in resealable packages that save space. These are ideal for ghost kitchens and other operators increasingly focused on take-out or delivery, where counter and storage space is limited.
  3. Zero waste – Freeze-dried ingredients can be stored in ambient conditions and have a long shelf-life. This makes them a wiser and more cost-effective option than fresh fruit or vegetables. Longer shelf-life allows ingredients to maintain their quality throughout several seasons where menu offerings may change, and through unforeseen events that may affect sales of a specific product. Ingredients can be resealed in their package and stored to be used later, reducing waste and saving money.

Transform every meal with all-natural color and flavor

Breakfast made better

Freeze-dried fruits are perfect for adding the bright colors and flavors associated with fresh fruit to smoothie bowls, oatmeal, pancakes, and waffles. Typical breakfast batters can also be flavored and colored naturally using fruit powders and pieces. Extend your ingredient range beyond that of traditionally dried fruits and get creative with exotic freeze-dried varieties, like dragon fruit and acai.

Leveling up lunch and dinner

Salads and sandwiches stay crisp with freeze-dried additions, which offer all the flavor and color of their fresh alternative. Pre-packaged salads using freeze-dried vegetables and baked inclusions have a longer shelf-life as well as added crunch, texture and value.

Decadent desserts

Colorful twists and extravagant garnishes have become an expectation for premium desserts. Freeze-dried fruits and baked ingredients can help deliver the “wow” factor consumers expect. Baked ingredients – such as waffle, doughnut, or gingerbread pieces – are an easy inclusion or topping for desserts, adding flavor, crunch, indulgence, and all-natural color and fun.

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