4 Ways to Deliver a Flavor Punch at Snack Time

December 2021

Today’s snack food shopper is seeking nutrient rich, energy boosting options but they are still making impulse buys. You can lean into this by delivering snack options that are enticing to the eye, flavorful, and won’t crash the day’s diet.

At Chaucer Foods, we’re working every day to innovate new freeze-dried and baked ingredients that deliver the taste and nutrition consumers want with the sustainable sourcing they demand. Here are a few recipes you can create to deliver all the taste and none of the regret:

Amaretto & Sour Chery Popcorn (get the recipe): Pop your kernels and give them a drizzle of olive oil. Coat with caramel and then look to add a sweet amaretto flavor, melted dark chocolate, and Chaucer’s sour cherry pieces for an “OMG!” reaction.
Marshmallow Biscuit Bars (get the recipe): Use delicious Oat Crunchy Biscuits and milk for a base. Chaucer’s variety of raspberry options — powder, whole pieces — are mixed into a marshmallow filling and then combined with a tart dark chocolate decorated with Chaucer’s raspberry granules for a premium look.
Raspberry, Blueberry & Cranberry Protein Bar (get the recipe): Delicious whole dates and roasted cocoa nibs can be mixed with any variety of Chaucer’s freeze-dried fruit options. We’re especially fond of blueberry and cranberry pieces plus raspberry granules to deliver a sour but satisfying mid-day snack.
Red Lentil & Roast Red Pepper Hummus Style Dip w/ Spicy Indian Naan Chips (get the recipe): Snack on Chaucer’s trendy naan bread chips with an added spicy kick. Combine shallots, red chili, red lentils, roasted red peppers, natural Greek yogurt for a tasty, plant-based treat your whole family will enjoy. Topped with ginger puree, cumin, paprika and more mouthwatering spices.
What recipe tantalized your taste buds the most? Visit our website to discover more applications for adding freeze-dried and baked ingredients to your next sustainable food innovation.

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