Celebrating Chaucer: 40 Years of Freeze-Dried Innovation

August 2022

Founded in August of 1982, Chaucer Foods began with a mission to deliver the best ingredients to people across the globe. As we celebrate our first 40 years and begin to plan for the next 40, we look back at the progress we’ve made and toast to our continued growth, and the growth of our many partners who make that possible.

Originally named “Kneviffs Bakery,” our brand re-launched in 1982 as “Chaucer Foods” to reflect a unique identity and an undeniable mission for sustainable growth and value-add product solutions. The name was chosen after Geoffrey Chaucer, the “Father of English Literature” and someone known to write for the common people. Just like its namesake, Chaucer Foods was built as a solutions provider for issues impacting the common consumer and the food and beverage producers who serve them. Today, we’re one of the world’s largest suppliers of freeze-dried fruits and soup croutons.

We think Geoffrey would be proud of how his name continues to stand the test of time…and taste!

Rooted in collaboration, innovation, global capability and—most importantly—people, Chaucer Foods began delivering product solutions to food manufacturers, retailers, and NPD departments; all with an unwavering commitment to product quality and customer service.

To carry out our vision of being a global provider of sustainable ingredient solutions, we’ve crossed countries, continents and hemispheres. Evolving simple factories into multi-national service centers and leading manufacturing sites, Chaucer Foods had to revamp its operations and reimagine its relationships:

1. Farm Growing Development

We developed a globally integrated supply chain, multinational sourcing capability with full traceability. Chaucer works closely with farmers to ensure that we have access to the best ingredients, from the best growers and suppliers.

2. IQF Supplies

We stepped further into the freeze-dried world by collaborating with renowned Individual Quickly Frozen (IQF) raw material suppliers, where comprehensive supplier approval and evaluation systems were established.

By expanding our supplies, international services and manufacturing capabilities, Chaucer Foods now serves up greatness to customers across 30 countries. While we have made strides to expand our global network, we continue to explore new opportunities to innovate and meet the needs of our consumers.

Throughout this transition, our logo has shifted to reflect our offerings and mission:

Since we started out in the bakery space, our original logo reflected the browns and golds of crispy baked goodness

Expanding our brand and offerings, Chaucer’s logo was reimagined to incorporate new colours and shapes to reflect the fresh side of our freeze-dried product range

Fast forward to today and the Chaucer Foods logo has continued its evolution to represent a commitment to global collaboration, stellar production capabilities, and high-quality ingredients

Now, to honour our first 40 years of people-focused products, we have developed a logo to commemorate Chaucer’s growth, evolution, and success

Hungry for more Chaucer Foods history? Check out our Q&A with Chris Rogers, Chaucer’s Global Key Account Manager and someone who has been with us for all of Chaucer’s 40 years.

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