Elevate Indulgence & Add Value with Sweet Baked Ingredients

August 2020

When consumers purchase a bakery product, dairy treat or confectionary delight, they expect an outstanding sensory experience. Leading brands continue to experiment with innovative inclusions to add interesting textures and enhance flavor and visual appeal for new snack, bakery, dairy and beverage products.

Chaucer’s sweet baked ingredients are shaped, dried versions of authentic bakery recipes, offering more versatility in innovating new flavor combinations or adding an extra layer of indulgence to existing product lines. The sweet baked selections are made in small batches, with no additives or artificial preservatives, supporting a simpler label.

Best of all, baked inclusions have a low water content, which means they can be easily incorporated into any product recipe. Check out these tips for inspiration:

Get creative with confectionery

Leverage sweet baked ingredients as toppings, inclusions or decorations for chocolate, cereal bars, fudge, caramels or truffles. Waffle crumbs pair well with both milk and dark chocolate. For a sweet and sour combination and a crisp, crunchy texture, try our doughnut topping with freeze-dried sour cherry. Get the recipe here.

Give a boost to bakery items

Sweet baked pieces can be encrusted on top of brownies, muffins and cookies during the preparation process to add crunch, texture, flavor, or decoration. For example, our gingerbread and waffle crumbs bring an inspiring flavor twist and luxurious texture to Blackberry & Apple Muffins.

Layer indulgence in desert applications

In dairy and dessert applications, our sweet toppings can be incorporated directly into ice cream, or used as a decoration for crème brûlée, tarts, and cheesecakes. Gingerbread and waffle pieces pair well with freeze-dried fruit and white chocolate inclusions for a rich and indulgent ice cream.

Bring visual appeal to beverages

Consumers value fun and exotic beverage creations worthy of sharing on social media. Our sweet baked inclusions offer visual appeal and provide indulgent flavors to smoothies, shakes, coffee drinks, and more. Try our recipes for the Caramel, Waffle & Cinnamon Frappé or the holiday-inspired Clementine & Gingerbread Frappé.

Whether you are working on something new, or experimenting with old favorites, our team can work with you to find a solution that adds value. We can make sweet toppings and inclusions from any of our bakes – including flavored bread, gingerbread, waffle, and doughnut – in a range of formats and sizes to suit your application needs. Vegan, kosher and halal options are available if you are formulating to meet specific dietary preferences.

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