Five Inspiring Better-For-Us Recipes

August 2022

As consumer interest in both sustainability and personal health are trending upwards, more and more people are refusing to sacrifice the taste and enjoyment generally associated with traditional foods. Instead, formulators must merge nutrition and sustainability into one better-for-us product that satisfies consumer demands for health and eco-friendly considerations without losing flavor.

Here are five sustainable, healthy—and delicious—food and beverage options to entice your consumer:

1. Kale Zinger

Are your customers craving a healthy and sustainable beverage that packs a tasty punch? Meet the immune-boosting, superfood offering: Kale Zinger. Full of sustainable nutrients from all-natural, freeze-dried ingredients, this recipe is everything they want. Innovate your next range of exciting, environmentally friendly beverages by mixing and matching Chaucer’s wide range of powdered fruit and vegetables to create a unique blend.

2. Strawberry, Spinach & Feta Salad

Everyone’s favorite part of a salad is the fun crunch of inclusions that transform it from a standard meal into an elevated eating experience. Chaucer’s savory baked croutons and freeze-dried strawberries will transform your everyday salad into a flavorful explosion without compromising its better-for-us benefits. Your consumers will come for the nutrition and keep coming back for the taste!

3. Peach, Apricot & Passion Fruit Instant Porridge Mix

Today’s on-the-go worker wants a quick meal without excessive packaging or unhealthy ingredients. Appeal to their tastebuds—and inner child—with this fruity instant porridge mix. Easily prepared and better-for-us, Peach, Apricot & Passion Fruit Instant Porridge Mixes will be a go-to morning choice. Mix our sustainable and healthy freeze-dried fruits with rolled oats and your choice of milk powder or yogurt for a nutritious and earth-friendly breakfast option.

4. Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl

Who ever said better-for-us offerings had to be bland and lackluster? You can innovate a product your customers will rave about regardless of their dietary preferences! Perfect for a foodservice menu, or ready-to-eat product at a grocery store, this bright and tantalizing Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl combines sustainability with the naturally nutritious and comforting benefits of freeze-dried fruits. And for a pickier eater, any fruit option can do the trick!

5. Nori Flavored Charcoal Tortilla Chips with Wasabi & Pea Dipping Sauce
Innovate a twist on chips and salsa by transporting their taste buds to Japan with this flavorful dish inspiration. Chaucer’s Nori Flavored Charcoal Tortilla Chips bring the highly desired crunch factor to a wasabi and pea-based dip—while still being a better-for-us snack! The delicious umami flavor profiles from the nori flavored charcoal tortilla chips will satiate everyone’s craving for savory tastes, without adding any undesired ingredients.

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