Five Scrumptious Transparent Supply Chain Recipe Inspirations

May 2022

As a result of the pandemic and foodborne illness outbreaks, consumers are realizing that it’s essential to know where ingredients they consume come from. Incorporating traceable ingredients within your formulations provides a sense of trust for your consumers. By selecting transparent ingredient partners along the supply chain, your products will offer greater sustainably and deliver on its claim of being ethically sourced.

Here are five inspiring recipes to address consumers’ supply chain transparency concerns:

1. Yoghurt Parfait with Raspberry, Blueberry & Maple Syrup

This parfait is perfect. Simply whisk up a yoghurt and syrup of your choice and sprinkle in Chaucer’s freeze-dried fruit for a tasty snack! Yoghurt parfaits with transparently sourced fruit will appeal to health-conscious consumers looking to make ethical shopping selections.

2. Portobello Mushrooms, filled with Ricotta, Chive and Spinach
If your consumers are on the hunt for a delicious meal that they know is produced the right way, look no further! Filled with creamy ricotta, greens and topped with Chaucer’s crunchy herb topping, it’s clear to see why consumers are fans. This flavorful and filling dish is a sure-fire way to win over vegetarians and meat-eaters alike!
3. Breaded Chicken with Peach, Blueberry & Goat Cheese Salad

It’s snack time, and who doesn’t love delicious fruit jellies?! Create your own twist on this beloved childhood treat by offering a fruit-focused jelly with Chaucer’s all-natural freeze-dried fruit powders. For a tropical sensation, fold pineapple powder within the mix to add a vibrant and healthy burst of flavor! This convenient snack is not only tasty, but provides essential daily nutrients that everyone will feel good about.

4. Dark Chocolate, Raspberry & Brioche

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Innovate an indulgent treat by sprinkling our freeze-dried raspberries and baked brioche crumbs with your chocolate of choice! By combining a wholesome mix of traceable ingredients, you’re constructing a mouthwatering masterpiece your customers will love.

5. The Fine Apple

In the mood for an innovative cocktail with ingredients that are not only flavorful—but ethically sourced, too? This Fine Apple cocktail entices your tastebuds with the sweet taste of Chaucer’s pineapple powder. Surrounded by tropical flavor, this cocktail inspiration is a true party starter.

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