Five Simply Delicious Clean Label Recipe Inspirations

October 2022

From sauces and syrups to candies and snacks, it’s clear that consumers want clean label products. Researchers found that 58% of consumers find artificial ingredients concerning1, highlighting the growing interest for food and beverages with recognizable ingredients. While the demand is clear, formulators must take their innovations up a notch to develop a product that does more than just blend in with all the other clean label competitors.

Here are five clean label inspirations to spark your next innovative idea:

1. Strawberry Lollipops

Similar to gummy vitamins, lollipops aren’t just for kids. By innovating this delicious treat with simple ingredients, you reduce the times that people question what artificial ingredients you use and elevate the trust your customers have in your brand name. Freeze-dried fruits, like strawberries and raspberries, produce a flavorful and vibrant experience that will leave the consumer with only one question: How many licks will it take to get to the center of this clean label lollipop?

2. Blackcurrant Fruit Jellies
Traditional jelly formulations use an animal-based gelatin to achieve the chewy consistency. Rather than leave out our clean label friends, formulators can use all-natural ingredients, like plant-based gelatin and freeze-dried fruit powder, to create a treat suited for all! With natural, freeze-dried fruit powders supplying the flavor and color, your innovations will be clean, while still providing a memorable taste experience.

3. Fruity Cocoa Nib & Chia Seed Energy Balls
Instead of fueling their midday slump with processed food, consumers can get the nutrition they need with energy balls made from natural, clean ingredients. Made from a select variety of recognizable ingredients, like cocoa powder and Chaucer’s selection of apricots, cranberries and blackberry powder, consumers will know they’re eating something that is both delicious and good for them.

4. Marinade Kit-Lemon, Ginger and Black Pepper

Wanting to spice up your chicken dish but not sure what clean label ingredients will create the most memorable flavor? Freeze-dried ingredients, like lemon and ginger, retain their flavor when dried, allowing them to incorporate beautifully bold flavors into any dish. Simply shake up chicken and the marinade mixture and toss it in the oven for a healthy and flavorful meal experience your consumer won’t forget!

5. Waffle, Sour Cherry & Raspberry Granola
For health-conscious consumers, breakfast is an opportunity to start their day off right with a clean label meal. Full of fruity flavors and perfectly sweet snacks, our Waffle, Sour Cherry & Raspberry Granola inspiration supplies your consumer with the clean label nutrition they need, without missing out on a bold taste to start the day.

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“Consumer awareness of clean label drives demand for ingredient solutions,” Beverage Industry. June 2022.

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