Kid-Friendly Nutrition That Even Fussy Eaters Will Love

June 2022

Kids, you’ve got to love ‘em—and feed ‘em. For parents, it’s often hard to say “no,” to the sweet face of a child asking for a cookie instead of a healthier option. However, providing kids with the essential nutrients they need is crucial for turning their tiny human into a healthy and strong adult. With their future on the line, parents need to pick and choose what is best for their child. It may start with health, but research shows that flavor remains the main driver of snack choice for all consumers1. Formulators can play a role in developing a healthy next generation by responsibly innovating healthy and appealing tastes for children to test out.


Not only can providing a nutrient-rich snack satisfy parents, but it also appeals to kids. With this in mind, producers need to get creative. Whether it is reimagining the packaging, or using trendy shapes, flavors, textures and colors, formulators can harness the natural goodness of freeze-dried fruits and vegetables to make parents say “yay” while kids say “yum!”

Here are three kid-friendly industry trends you can begin tapping into:

1. Snackable Veggies

One great way parents are adding veggies to their children’s diet is by fun, snackable veggies. According to a new study, produce companies have discovered that smaller-sized fruits and vegetables appeal to kids, especially when they are marketed correctly2. The natural flavor and color are inherently appealing to kids but have a negative perception as they are viewed as “yucky.” Creative and easily snackable veggie ingredients can help parents introduce vegetables to their kids in a fun way that encourages even the pickiest of eaters to explore new foods.

2. Global Flavors
Educating kids on the health benefits of a diverse range of foods not only helps end picky eating tendencies but introduces cultural foods that contain a variety of health benefits kids might otherwise miss. In fact, 50% of parents reported that their children like more adventurous ethnic cuisines, including tastes from Indian, Peruvian, Vietnamese, and Moroccan cultures1. Incorporating global, natural and healthy ingredients into a child’s diet will allow parents to expand their kid’s tastebuds while providing wholesome nutrition. By adding global flavors to your kid’s next meal, you can join the nearly 60% of parents who want to introduce their kids to more sophisticated, internationally inspired foods1.
3. Performance Boost

What little kid doesn’t dream of becoming the world’s next Lebron James, Simone Biles, or Tom Brady? Adequate sports nutrition can help fuel these dreams and turn them into reality.  With more and more young kids getting involved with sports, parents look to sports nutrition for nutrition assistance from sports nutrition. In fact, the global sports nutrition market is predicted to grow 9.6% by 20323 because of this growing demand. Kid-friendly sports nutrition offers a healthy boost of nutrients while reducing injury and activating better muscle recovery. Instead of adding in artificial nutrition, appeal to health-conscious parents with the inclusion of the wholesome nutrition provided by fruits and vegetables.

If you’re looking to produce a food or beverage that not only appeals to paying parents, but their kids as well, adding recognizable ingredients is an effective and tasty way to go.

Want more information on how to navigate meals and snack time with the entire household? Check out our Q&A with Chaucer’s U.K. & Ireland Sales Manager, Paula Bentley, to learn more.


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