Q&A: Beverage Trend Watch in the Asia-Pacific Region

October 2021

The Asia-Pacific region is full of trendy tasters who want beverages that are healthy, flavorful and refreshing. We sat down with Viola Zhang, Marketing Executive at Chaucer Foods, to learn more about the trends within this unique market and how Chaucer is working to meet their demands.

Q1. What are some of the new trends you are seeing among APAC shoppers and what are the products Chaucer is developing to meet their needs?

APAC shoppers — and Chinese shoppers in particular — are health-conscious. They check the labels on the back of products and they know the brands that are dedicated to offering nutritious and clean options. And it’s not just snack foods and meals — this type of thinking is found in the types of beverages they purchase also.

Sugary drinks aren’t as popular in APAC as they once were; but interest in new style teas and coffee options are booming and there is plenty of evidence that China is on track to become one of the world’s strongest coffee markets:

– Approximately 84,000 new milk tea companies were registered in China in 2020 alone – that’s an increase of 33% over 2019

– A domestic spring milk tea consumption report released by Alipay’s digital life platform in 2019 showed that middle-aged and elderly people are now also drinking milk tea, with online ordering of milk tea having increased by 25% and overall milk tea consumption rising by 10%1

– New stores are also popping up across the region as Tim Hortons Coffee announced 1,500 new locations opening in China over the next decade, while Starbucks currently has 4,400 stores across 180 cities in mainland China2


Q2. Being environmentally focused is of a greater concern to today’s younger generations. In what ways does touching on these new tea and coffee trends help local Asia-Pacific markets become greener and more sustainability-minded?

We recognize how important sustainability and the environment are in the public dialogue. Whether it is in the purchase of raw materials, how goods are transported to and from facilities, the methods of processing or even how we communicate, at Chaucer we want to be part of these important conversations.

The products shipped from Chaucer’s global locations are made from environmentally friendly raw materials in cooperation with planters who comply with all environmental protection standards. We also deploy our own professional agronomists to help train, guide and supervise the process while reinforcing the importance of staying sustainability focused.

The more we are able to bring our expertise and innovative product offerings into these markets, the more we can be a driver in conversations about these developing new beverage trends.

Q3. APAC consumers are constantly on the go. How can these tea and coffee trends allow for greater accessibility to health beverage options?

Chaucer helps producers in many APAC markets provide consumers with easy access to tea and coffees that include healthy options. The ingredients we provide are natural fruits and vegetables that are full of vitamins and antioxidants. They offer people an authentic flavor experience, as well as bright colors and pleasing scents. At the same time, they stay true to Chaucer’s dedication to the healthy label and provide nutrient boosts for anti-aging, improved immune systems and mental health.

Developers of new tea and coffee trends are also introducing innovative products to help consumers break out of access limitations; we’re seeing new tea bags and powders and FD fruit tea cubes to assist people anywhere and anytime to locate healthy drink options.

Q4. Where does Chaucer Foods see the Asia-Pacific region and this growing market of food and beverage shoppers heading in the next 5-10 years? How is your team preparing to continue to meet their needs with your products?

There may not be a more exciting market to capture than APAC. The health conscious options that surround tea and coffee have been an ideal way to introduce Chaucer to this audience. Younger consumers will continue to increase their buying power and are known for being more health conscious than older consumers. Meanwhile, it is estimated that regional Food and Beverage markets will continue to flourish as new and exciting product concepts, like New style tea, are introduced over the next decade.

Over the next decade, Chaucer will dedicate more resources toward research and development, product marketing, and the global supply chain. It’s important to us as a brand and as a business with a growing global footprint to be on the forefront of a changing market, advanced quality control methods, and expanding consumer tastes.

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