Recipe Inspiration: Asia Pacific

August 2021

Convenience is top-of-mind for APAC consumers, but so are flavor, nutrition and a clean label. With artificial preservatives and sugar reduction in the spotlight, it’s more critical than ever to be innovating with recognizable, plant-based ingredients.

Versatile and easy to blend in existing recipes, freeze-dried fruits and vegetables make it easier to create healthier foods and beverages with standout taste, texture and a cleaner label. With a long, ambient shelf life, freeze-dried ingredients stay fresh month-after-month.

Curious how these ingredients could fit into an existing recipe, or looking for some NPD inspiration? Check out some of our innovative ideas for the APAC market:

Memorable meal solutions

Whether you’re creating an instant noodle product, salad kit, or a seasoning mix, you can create a memorable flavor experience by combining freeze-dried fruit and vegetable ingredients. Bringing together freeze-dried ginger, carrot and pea can help you deliver rich flavor along with vibrant color and a nutritional boost in ramen.

Functional snacks for the mind and body

Freeze-dried fruits can be a healthy addition for snack mixes, bars and baked treats, adding natural, authentic fruit flavors and important nutritional benefits. Give your snack products a holistic health boost with nutrient-rich ingredients like ginger, beets, and oranges.

Low/no sugar beverages

Looking for a natural sweetener that can help you innovate low or no sugar beverage offerings? Freeze-dried fruits have a natural sweetening effect, reducing the need for added sugar or artificial sweeteners in beverage formulations. They infuse to a higher degree than fresh or traditionally dried, releasing bright color and flavor almost instantly. Check out our recipes for Infused Mixed Berry, Lavender & Rose Tea and Blackberry, Elderflower and Lemon Sparkling Water for more inspiration.

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