Recipe Inspiration: Foodservice Appetizer and Dessert Ideas

May 2021

Looking for a simple, creative way to enhance your menu offerings this summer? The right ingredient solution can help you create crave-worthy options for every course, while minimizing prep time so you can serve more customers.

Available in re-sealable packs, our freeze-dried and baked ingredients make innovation easier and help solve many common menu challenges, such as the desire for healthier options and natural ingredients.

Check out these ideas for using freeze-dried and baked ingredients in your next application:

1. Liven up salads with freeze-dried fruit and vegetables
Freeze-dried fruit and vegetables have a crisp texture and all the flavor and color of fresh ingredients. With no chopping, cutting, or preparation required, it is easy and affordable to add premium appeal to your standard salad offerings.

2. Elevate soup and salad with savory croutons
A soup or salad just isn’t complete without the perfect crouton. Savory baked toppings – like these sourdough dippers – offer the right crisp, crunchy texture to complete your second course.

3. Deliver the “wow” factor consumers expect in dessert.
After a year of takeout and cooking at home, who can resist treating themselves to dessert? Sweet baked toppings are an easy inclusion or garnish for ice cream, adding flavor, crunch, indulgence, and fun.

4. Offer a better-for-you option without sacrificing on flavor
Replace artificial flavors and colors in frozen dairy desserts with natural freeze-dried fruit powders and toppings. For a better-for-you option that won’t disappoint, experiment with distinctive flavors like blackberry or blackcurrant. Or, create a rainbow effect using a trio of colors and flavors for added visual appeal.

Whether you’re working on something new or reformulating to meet new trends, our R&D team can work with you to find a solution that adds value. Contact us today at to request a sample or more information.

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