Recipe Inspiration: Snacking Healthy at Home

June 2021

Snack consumption has accelerated since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Almost 9 in 10 of adults say they are snacking more or the same amount today than they were before the outbreak, according to a survey from Mondelez International.

Of those consumers, 64% say they are relying on snacks to nourish their body, mind and soul, and 56% say they are seeking options that are immunity-boosting.

When it comes to cleaner, healthier snacks that offer balanced nutrition and great flavor, freeze-dried and baked ingredients offer endless opportunities for innovation.

Check out some of these ideas for healthier, elevated snack products:

1. Layered fruit yogurt parfait

Freeze-dried blueberries bring a pop of color and enhanced nutrition to this elegant yogurt parfait. Garnish with sweet baked toppings for added visual appeal, or incorporate the sweet baked pieces into your granola layer for even more flavor and texture.

2. A new twist on trail mix

With a crisp, melt-in-the-mouth texture, people will love the addition of freeze-dried smoothie pieces in snack and trail mixes. Pair with savory baked toppings, or a mix of freeze-dried fruits and veggie pieces for the perfect sweet and salty blend.

3. Better-for-you breakfast bites

Breakfast bites put an innovative spin on the classic cereal or breakfast bar. Top with freeze-dried fruit powders to add energy-boosting nutrients while enhancing visual appeal.

4. Flavor-packed fruit smoothie

Freeze-dried fruits retain natural sugars and quickly infuse in hot or cold liquid, releasing flavor almost instantly. Try superfood ingredients like raspberry, guava, or monk fruit for natural fruit flavor and vibrant color in your next smoothie innovation.

5. Nutritious and delicious dippers

Snack packs featuring a fruit or vegetable dippers can be made more appealing with the addition of flavorful toppings. These sweet baked gingerbread pieces complement sweet caramel and sour apple notes for a healthy, yet slightly indulgent treat.

Whether you’re working on something new or reformulating to meet new trends, our R&D team can work with you to develop a high-quality, innovative product. Learn more about all of our freeze-dried and baked ingredient offerings, or contact us today at

1 “Consumers say snacking is a ‘lifeline’ during pandemic, with 88% doing it more or the same,” Food Dive. November 11, 2020

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