Ring in 2023 with These Five Trend-Setting Recipes

December 2022

It’s almost a new year, and with that comes new trends, innovations and product launches within the food and beverage industry. Whether it’s a favorite nostalgic food with a global twist or stress-relief ice cream, consumers want products that provide multiple benefits. Trust us, there are ways you can innovate your offerings to both meet consumer demand and help to influence taste trends in ‘23.

Here are five trend-setting recipe inspirations to help bring the “WOW” factor in the new year:

1. Yoghurt Parfait with Raspberry, Blueberry and Maple Syrup

Start your consumer’s day—and year—off right with this creamy, refreshing and nutritious Yoghurt Parfait inspiration. Prepared with freeze-dried raspberry and blueberry, the functional boost of protein, vitamins, and probiotics are the building blocks your consumer needs. But be aware, the tasty layers of fruit, yoghurt and granola will be almost too pretty to eat. Almost. 🙂

2. Toasted Croissant with Dark Chocolate Dipping Sauce and Raspberry Granules

Oui Oui! Perfect for a tea party, brunch, or even just a simple dessert, this Toasted Croissant with Dark Chocolate Dipping Sauce and Raspberry Granules inspiration is sure to please. Acting as an homage to French cuisine, these delicate and delicious pastries pair well with rich chocolate and sweet, crunchy, freeze-dried fruit pieces.

3. Kale Zinger

For consumers looking to kickstart their personal nutrition goals in the new year, a cold glass of Kale Zinger is an excellent way to help guide them to where they want to be. Plant-based, sustainable, clean label, functional and delicious, this recipe fits the guidelines of any future beverage trend. Want to jazz it up a bit? Try swapping still water with sparkling water for a bubbly beverage that’s bursting with nutrients.

4. Blueberry & Raspberry Rice Cakes

Need a healthy and sustainable snack suitable for the whole family? Blueberry & Raspberry Rice Cakes are a simple and delicious way to supply a boost of functional nutrition within your consumer’s day—no matter their age. With Chaucer’s wide range of sustainable freeze-dried fruits, the flavor and color opportunities for these rice cakes are endless.

5. Dark Chocolate, Raspberry & Brioche

One trend that won’t disappear in 2023 is the desire to enjoy sustainable sweet treats. Prepared with fair-trade chocolate, and Chaucer’s ingredients, like raspberry and brioche crumb, this confectionery treat is not only scrumptious—but sustainable, too! By using Chaucer ingredients, you can trust that what you’re providing is sustainable, ethical, and delicious. Give your consumers a reason to indulge!

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