Three Trending and Tasty Healthy Recipe Inspirations

April 2022

As fad diets fade in and out, overall holistic interest in personal health and wellness continues to grow. Current healthy eating trends, from flexitarian to the Mediterranean Diet and clean label, focus on individualized goals, needs and lifestyles that best suit the consumer. One focus for many major trends is centered around balancing indulgences with healthy, all-natural ingredients, like fruits and vegetables.

Chaucer Food’s freeze-drying process allows these wholesome ingredients to pack in all of the essential nutrients, color, and flavor; providing a delicious and healthy ingredient option that checks off the boxes of many popular healthy eating trends.

Here are three recipe inspirations that are just as healthy and trending as they are tasty:

Fruity Cocoa Nib & Chia Seed Energy Balls
Whip up the perfect energy-boosting, tasty combination of fruity and chocolatey ingredients and you’ll have the ideal mid-day pick-me-up. The sweet flavor and vibrant color of Chaucer’s freeze-dried cranberries, blackberries and apricots help to level-up the sweet and fruity factor of the rich cocoa nibs and chia seed superfood. Give your customers a long-lasting source of energy that is full of fiber, antioxidants, protein, and flavor!
Vegetable Omelette
Scrambling to find a filling and nutritious breakfast offering for your consumers? This vegetable omelette is a great way to add a serving of vegetables to a popular morning meal. Simply whisk protein-packed eggs with Chaucer’s freeze-dried red peppers, mushrooms, onions, sprinkle in some cheese and seasonings for a hearty breakfast that will keep people on track with their personal health and wellness goals.
Pineapple Fruit Jellies

It’s snack time, and who doesn’t love delicious fruit jellies?! Create your own twist on this beloved childhood treat by offering a fruit-focused jelly with Chaucer’s all-natural freeze-dried fruit powders. For a tropical sensation, fold pineapple powder within the mix to add a vibrant and healthy burst of flavor! This convenient snack is not only tasty, but provides essential daily nutrients that everyone will feel good about.

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