Trend Watch: Bettering Ourselves and the Earth Through Food

August 2022

Jolted by the pandemic, consumers are increasingly seeking ways to use food and beverages to improve their health, while also being environmentally conscious. Commonly known as “better-for-us,” this influential trend has earned consumer interest as a simple way to be healthy and ethical. Research found that 73%1 of North American consumers now associate health and nutrition with sustainability, highlighting the demand for combining these interests into one overarching lifestyle trend.

To meet this growing demand, formulators must thoughtfully select ingredients that are both nutritious and beneficial to the environment. Through the freeze-drying process, all of Chaucer Foods’ freeze-dried ingredients can deliver a healthy, sustainable—and delicious—ingredient for your next better-for-us innovation.

Check out three current trends that are helping to shape the direction of “better-for-us” consumption:

1. Plant-Based

Based on three influential factors—health, ethics and sustainability—the plant-based trend has taken over in recent years. Recent research estimates that the global vegan food market size could reach $65.4 billion by 2030, with a registered annual growth rate of 10.41%2. For consumers wanting to enjoy their food and beverages without feeling negative about their consumption choices, incorporating naturally plant-based, better-for-us ingredients, such as freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, can provide a delicious, guilt-free product for all.

2. Health & Wellness

Built on top of rising, pandemic-era demands, consumers are more focused than ever on watching what they put in their body. In fact, vitamin, mineral and supplement (VMS) products on Amazon have increased 43% year-over-year while mood-supporting VMS products jumped by $83 billion over the past two years as a result of skyrocketing interest in health3. To accommodate this demand for supplemented nutrition, formulators can innovate a better-for-us VMS offering with freeze-dried powders. These powders have the unique ability to provide natural vitamins and minerals, while still leaving a delicious aftertaste.

3. Ingredient Transparency

Similar to plant-based and health and wellness, the pandemic led to a market-wide demand for ingredient transparency. Over 94% of consumers are now more likely to be loyal to a brand that offers complete supply chain transparency, while 39% say they’re willing to switch to a more transparent brand4. At Chaucer Foods, we pride ourselves on maintaining a clear channel of communication and ethical standards from the farm to the dinner table. When brands use ingredients that come from ethical and transparent sources, those claims can be shared with the consumer, allowing them to feel secure in where their products come from.

According to research, health-conscious consumers will pay a premium for products that ensure their health and well-being while supporting social responsibility and sustainability standards5. This makes it more important than ever for your business to hone in on the better-for-us trend by adding high quality ingredients. Thanks to our natural, plant-based nutritional benefits and sustainable growing efforts, Chaucer Foods’ freeze-dried fruits and vegetables can help transform any offering into a better-for-us option.

Want to learn more about better-for-us formulations and consumer insights directly from the experts? Read our recent conversation with Itzel Rincon, Sales and NPI Director at Chaucer Foods, to learn more.


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