Trend Watch: Global Consumer Demands Shaping the Industry

November 2022

Today’s foodie can sample the cuisines of other cultures easier than ever and exploring new tastes is becoming a popular trend. In fact, 58% of consumers prioritize globally influenced flavors when selecting snacks1. While the interest in trying new, culturally diverse foods is growing, people are also influenced by current food trends and many want to mix-and-match diverse flavors with modern twists.

For global brands, you can look to serve up healthier versions of a dish; addressing nutritional needs while still respecting the food’s cultural background. By utilizing ingredients that are both natural and globally loved, such as freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, you can highlight the bold, delicious flavors of any region—while still providing natural health benefits.

Here are three consumer demands influencing global product innovation:


Plant-Based Cultural Twists

Many of our best childhood moments come from comfort food made by a loved one. Tapping into plant-based options is a great way to honor your favorite familiar foods while still being healthy. Consumers are open to a modern-day twist on their cultural dishes, with 30% preferring plant-based foods with global flavors2. To keep your new cultural innovations plant-based—but full of flavor—you can incorporate freeze-dried ingredients that can help make any dish feel like a warm childhood memory.

Fusion Foods

As consumers continue to learn about different food and beverages, the interest in fusing cultural cuisines together grows. With 32% of consumers stating they enjoy dishes that combine two or more global cuisines or flavors into one dish3, you have the chance to innovate on a global scale. To create a dish that can be shared around the world, consider using freeze-dried fruits and vegetables within your products to supply long-lasting flavor and color without having to sacrifice the good stuff.

Climate Conscious

Similar to the interest in plant-based foods with international flavors, consumers want foods that incorporate sustainable ingredients. With 46% of consumers citing climate change as a top concern4, and 55% preferring sustainable food options5, consider innovating global cuisines with eco-friendly ingredients for your more environment-conscious consumers. Naturally sustainable, freeze-dried ingredients retain their flavor and color with an extended shelf life—which can also help you to reduce food waste and improve your bottom line. 

Along with the growing desire to snack on flavors from Mexico to Madagascar and from Africa to Argentina, there’s real interest in plant-based, fusion and climate-conscious twists. At Chaucer Foods, our freeze-dried and baked ingredients can help you provide authentic and impactful tastes, while still adhering to modern-day demands like sustainability. As a global ingredient supplier, our international team of experts can help you uncover what your customers want—regardless of region—and how to meet those requests with ingredients they crave.

Are you looking for more insight on what global consumers are demanding out of new product innovations? Check out our recent conversation with global Chaucer Foods team members, Eric Quirin, EMEA Sales Director, Itzel Rincon, NPI and Sales Director for the Americas, and Renee de Ravin, APAC Sales Director to hear what consumers in their regions are requesting.

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