Trend Watch: Tea and Coffee — An Experience in Every Sip

October 2021

Today’s tea and coffee drinkers in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region want more than just good flavor – they expect beverages to feature fresh ingredients, enhance wellness and be produced in a sustainable way.

Here is a look at several factors beverage producers need to keep in mind when they aim to create consumer-friendly products for the APAC region.

Prioritize Health and Wellness

Adherence to diets plays an important role in consumer food and beverage choices. For example, younger consumers in the APAC region will research products and be more willing to accept unprocessed and less-processed food and beverage options. Also, according to Food Navigator, about 60% of all diabetics live in Asia, while another study estimated that 87% of APAC consumers are actively taking measures to reduce sugary product intake.

From clean labelling and transparency to the health and wellness benefits, customers are demanding drinks that incorporate natural ingredients without losing flavor. Think about how your offerings fill that need; do you deliver vitamins and minerals, proteins, antioxidants, natural colors and flavors? If not, you could be ignoring the preferences of many APAC consumers.

Use the Freshest Ingredients

Your palate can usually tell when something isn’t at its peak freshness. If someone senses this in your product it can be a problem, as 70% of consumers in the APAC region said it is important to know how ingredients are manufactured, prepared and handled.

Whether you use locally sourced products to minimize the trip from farm to cup or spend the extra dollar to deliver natural nutrients, customers are more likely to return when they know what they are buying ingredients of the highest quality.

Be Environmentally and Ethically Focused

Quality isn’t just about what you put in a cup, it’s about how it got there and what happens when it’s gone. With 65% of consumers wanting to have a positive impact on the environment, it’s understandable how beverage manufacturers work feverishly to maintain quality standards for growers, processors and packers while avoiding food waste as products move through the supply chain.

It’s important to work with suppliers who have quality assurance as a cornerstone of their business. By being up front and honest about your standards and certifications and about how your tea and coffee options are made, you’ll increase consumer trust — an integral part of success in the food and beverage industry.

Capture the Tea and Coffee Tourism Market

Tea and coffee innovations are popping up all across Asia and the surrounding region. Tourists travel the world to sample the best brew blends while ready-to-drink versions of culturally significant teas have become an exciting substitution to alcohol for those who can’t or won’t drink it or who just prefer a beverage with an energy boost and zero buzz.

Find a Supplier Who Meets Consumer Expectations

APAC shoppers have expectations for how the quality of their physical and mental health is affected by the things they consume. At Chaucer, we’re addressing this need head-on by providing customers with fresh ingredients that lead to a true experience in every sip.

We product the freeze-dried fruits and vegetables you can rely on to develop fabulous new tea and coffee products as well as the tasty snack foods that complement each unique cup.

Discover how you can use freeze-dried ingredients to elevate your next innovation, or contact us at to request a sample.

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