Baking is big business on Instagram. People love nothing more than posting pictures of mouth-watering creations – from artisan sourdough topped with smashed avocado at brunch, to rustic cakes decorated with fresh flowers and lashings of buttercream.

Finishing touches count, and so does colour, especially in Asia-Pacific. Deep, dark shades can be seen across the world – think classic rich red velvet cake, or contemporary charcoal burger buns. In contrast, punchy pastels are favoured, particularly on occasions such as weddings and baby showers. Purple is popular too, as the hue is linked to wellness.

But it’s not all style over substance. Consumers like to embrace real flavour. They are about what’s inside – oozing caramel or crunchy nuggets of honeycomb. Texture is important, as are chunky seasonal fillings. Fresh flavours are being contrasted, such as orange and pistachio, or acidic lime with floral elderflower. Herbs are bringing a savoury touch to sweet dishes.

Sweet and savoury flavours are being twisted – sweet waffles laden with pulled pork, or chocolate crumpets. There’s an abundance of mash-ups, too, such as Cronuts (a croissant doughnut pastry), as well as sides. Dips and sauces – hot salted caramel, sweet strawberry or chocolate – are being served with bakes, churros style. In Asia, consumers are looking for new ingredients in bread, such as fruit and nuts.

There’s a move globally towards cleaner ingredients. In Asia, consumers want bakery products that are low in sugar and, in the USA, people want cakes, biscuits and breads that are free from dairy and gluten. In Europe, consumers want ingredients that are “raw” – unrefined, unprocessed and with nutritional benefits.

Real fruit can enhance decoration on cakes, but bakeries have little space for chilled storage. With anything fresh, there’s always the issue of food waste. In baking, manufacturers want ingredient solutions that make life easier – without losing integrity. They need ingredients that are clean and free from additives, but that retain natural colour and authentic flavour.

At Chaucer, our reliable and skilled R&D experts collaborate with bakery NPD teams to find innovative, tailored solutions. Our freeze-dried fruits and vegetables offer the perfect ingredient for baked goods as they deliver authentic colour, flavour and nutrients, and have a long shelf life at ambient temperatures.

If you’re looking for sweet or savoury baked additions, we can also deliver. From waffles for cake decoration, to savoury sprinkles, the possibilities are endless. Our knowledgeable team will collaborate with you to find a solution which adds real value – the potential is limitless. Contact us here.

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