Food Manufacturer
Consumers today care more than ever before about what they eat. In addition to their food looking good and tasting great, an increasing number want it to be natural, good for them and sustainably produced – which is why food manufacturers have to innovate.
Consumers crave novelty – new tastes, textures and eating experiences. The pressure on food and drinks manufacturers to respond with new, healthier, more sustainably sourced products is huge.

It’s a pressure that’s intensified in many countries by Government guidelines to promote healthier diets. These include targets for sugar and fat reduction, as well as calorie control and consuming larger quantities of fruit and vegetables.

Freeze-dried fruit, vegetables, herbs and pulses are helping manufacturers to meet those challenges head on.

This is because unlike other forms of preservation, freeze-dried products keep their natural shape, colour, flavour and retain all of their nutrients. So, they are a fantastic way to improve the taste, texture, visual appeal and nutritional value of a wide range of foods and beverages.

Freeze-dried ingredients are also incredibly easy to use. Available all year around, light to handle and easy to store in ambient conditions, they can be prepared and packaged to your precise requirements. They help too to avoid the waste associated with perishable ingredients.

At the same time our baked croutons, snacks, inclusions, crumbs, coatings and toppings represent a great opportunity to add value and innovate.

All of our ingredients are sustainably sourced and produced to the very highest of standards. And we provide first-class support for our customers’ NPD teams by working closely with them to develop ingredients, products and solutions which can create real value.