Foodservice operators face huge challenge and opportunity. Customer tastes are changing quickly, with a clear growing demand for healthier options along with the need to cater for vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free diets.

Diners are looking for new tastes and flavour combinations and care, more than ever before, about how and where their food has been produced. Sustainability is now as important a concern for the foodservice sector as it is for retail.

At the same time national and international foodservice multi-site operators are working hard to develop supply chains which will enable them to offer the same menu to their customers, wherever they are in the world. Independents are looking for differentiation – to develop a distinctive food offer that helps them to attract and retain a loyal following.

The vast majority of foodservice operators are time poor and so value convenience, and at the same time they are looking to reduce food waste.

Our range of freeze-dried fruit for foodservice operators addresses so many menu challenges, including the desire for healthier options as well as vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and dairy free-dishes.

Freeze-dried products retain their natural shape, colour, flavour as well as all of their nutrients. They are a fantastic way to add taste, texture, visual appeal and nutritional value of a wide range of foods and beverages.

Perfect for cocktails, mocktails, still drinks and iced tea, our freeze-dried fruits add taste, vibrant colour and stacks of visual appeal. At breakfast they can be used to make smoothies, added to cereal pots or baked into muffins and sweet pastries. At lunch or dinner, they are the perfect addition to salads, pizza or savoury bakes. They are ideal of course too for a wide range of baked goods and sweet treats.

Our freeze-dried fruit pieces, granules and powders are supplied in re-sealable doy packs. The fruit is pre-prepared and ready to use – no knives are required. The packs can be stored in ambient conditions, with no need to refrigerate. You simply use what you need and there’s no need to refrigerate. The fruit doesn’t perish as fresh fruit does, so food waste is reduced.

All of our fruit is sustainably sourced, and the scale and stability of our raw materials supply chain means that we can deliver on the promises we make. We can provide year-round availability and consistent quality.

Product Code Product Name Weight / bag (g) Shelf life (months)
Powders = Doypack Cap 779100 FD Strawberry powder with seeds 350 12
779101 FD Strawberry powder seedless 350 18
779102 FD Raspberry powder with seeds 350 12
779103 FD Raspberry powder seedless 350 18
779104 FD Blueberry 450 18
779106 FD Banana powder 450 18
779107 FD Mango powder 450 18
779108 FD Lime powder 300 12
779109 FD Orange powder 450 18
Pieces = Doypack Zip 779050 FD Strawberry slices 65 18
779051 FD Orange 1/2 Slices 60 18
779052 Whole Raspberry 80 18
779053 FD Lime Slices 60 12
779054 FD Strawberry 5-10 mm 80 18
779055 FD Lime 1-6 mm 100 12
779056 FD Pineapple 1-6 mm 100 18
779057 FD Raspberry granules 1-6 mm 100 18
779058 FD Strawberry 1-6 mm 90 18
779059 FD Orange 1-6 mm 140 18
779060 FD Banana slices 140 18
779061 FD Blueberry 1-6 mm 180 18