Baked Production
Based in the UK, our bakeries blend traditional baking with the latest food production technologies, to produce a wide range of inclusions, coatings, toppings and snacks.

We are also the world’s largest producer of soup and salad croutons.

The perfect mix
Our savoury breads are produced by our Derby bakery, before being transferred to our Hull facility for cutting, milling, drying, oiling, flavouring, seasoning and packing.

We produce a diverse range of baked ingredients and products for our manufacturing, foodservice and retail customers.

Quality focus
We have invested heavily in processing and packaging equipment, which enables us to deliver consistent high quality, in large volumes.

Everyone is responsible for quality in our factories. Each individual is looking out for problems and is empowered to halt the production process and work with colleagues to resolve any issues they find.

Ingredients and products are carefully checked at every stage in the process, and we test every batch prior to release.

Sharing ideas, finding solutions

Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with their own test bakery and application kitchen.

This is where our experienced team of food technologists and process engineers work with customers to develop ingredients, products and solutions which create real value.

Ideas can be discussed, tested and tried on a small scale, prior to pre-production test runs in the main plant. If you have an idea that you would like to discuss with our team, please get in touch.

Why not get creative with our unique sweet baked inclusions, snacks and toppings?
Add taste, texture and visual appeal with our savoury baked croutons, snacks, crumbs, coatings and toppings