We are the World’s largest producer of freeze-dried fruit, vegetables and herb ingredients. Our investment in drying equipment has been sustained and we have developed a clear understanding of how to get the best from it. We have developed optimised production processes for all of our products to ensure we deliver high quality, consistent products.
Global reach
China is our largest facility, with no fewer than 22 drying tunnels and plans to develop more. We have a powder line too and three flexible packing lines. China is also home to our infused fruits production facility.

There are a further 10 drying tunnels at our production facility in Saumur, France, together with powder production equipment, and three versatile packaging lines. We can safely handle allergens at our French manufacturing facility.

Portland, Oregon is our newest production facility with eight drying tunnels currently, and the planned capacity to expand. There is a powder line too, and a retail packing line.

Scale and flexibility
Together, our production facilities deliver a global manufacturing footprint capable of meeting the production requirements of the largest global brands.

At the same time, we can be sufficiently flexible to meet the production requirements of smaller regional firms and even local businesses.

All of our production facilities are either BRC A* or A rated and FDA compliant.

Our certifications include: kosher, halal and organic – though not all of our products are available in each of these formats.

Infused fruits
Based in China, our infused fruits manufacturing facility uses advanced infusion technology. The process itself, however, is easy to understand. We simply soak high-quality, individually quick-frozen fruits in natural fruit juice, under vacuum, prior to drying. This means that we don’t need to use pigment, preservatives or processing aids.
Freeze-dried fruit purée and smoothies
Based in Samur, France, our production facility is capable of producing freeze-dried fruit purées and smoothies. We can produce different shapes and sizes, to add flavour, nutritional value and visual appeal to almost any recipe.
Fruit crispies are produced by our manufacturing facility in China. We freeze-dry a mixture of fruit powder, sugar, starch and oil. The resulting crispies, which are then cut, sieved and packed, offer a high quality but lower cost alternative to freeze-dried fruits, pieces or purées.