5 Ways to Add Natural Color, Flavor with Freeze-Dried Powders

July 2020

Today’s R&D formulators are challenged to innovate new products that meet consumers’ expectations for a simpler label while preserving taste and quality in the finished product.

Versatile and easy to blend, freeze-dried fruit and vegetable powders are ideal for adding natural flavors, vibrant colors, and nutrition to a variety of food and beverage applications, supporting clean label and better-for-you formulations.

With a wide range of fruit and vegetables to choose from – from seasonal berries to exotic citrus variations – the potential is limitless.

Check out some of these recipes for inspiration:

1. Infused Tea Bag Mixed Berry, Lavender & Rose

Create a delicious, flavorful tea blend with Chaucer’s freeze-dried Raspberry, Strawberry and Blueberry fruit powders. For a tropical exotic twist, replace berry powders with Mango, Pineapple, Ginger and Lime.

2. Raspberry Milk Lolly Pops

Add a pop of color to your frozen dairy desserts with Chaucer’s Seedless Raspberry Powder. Experiment with new flavors like Blackberry or Blackcurrant, or create a rainbow effect using a trio of colors and flavors, such as Mango, Strawberry and Kiwi.

3. Showstopper Cake

Create eye-catching, memorable fillings for your cakes and other baked goods. Lemon, Strawberry, Raspberry and Wild Blueberry powders make for a show-stopping combination.

4. Fruity Cocoa Nib & Chia Seed Energy Balls

Capitalize on consumer demand for functional snack options with these tasty chia seed energy balls. Create innovative and indulgent flavor twists by pairing freeze-dried Blackberry, Raspberry or Sour Cherry with freeze-dried Cocoa powders.

5. Marshmallow Biscuit Bars

Freeze-dried fruit powders are ideal for adding premium flavor and color to better-for-you confections, like this Marshmallow Biscuit Bar. Replace Raspberry powder for Blueberry, Strawberry or even Beetroot to create an even more dynamic flavor profile.

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