Creativity is key when it comes to beverages – experimental flavours, beautifully tasting blends and an abundance of colourful flourishes.
Inspiration for drinks is coming from food, with lines being blurred between the two. In the United States and Europe, on-the-go shakes now double up as breakfast and cold brews incorporate mouth-watering desserts, such as cookies and cream, or waffles. Classic flavours are given a contemporary twist through blended collaborations, both sweet and savoury – hot, milky coffees spiced with gingerbread, or pineapple-infused lemonade.

Consumers are engaging more with their beverages, with personalisation a key trend, particularly in Asia. People are choosing what goes into their drinks, with many photographing them and sharing them on social media before taking a sip. Edible decorations adorn cocktails and baristas are creating artworks out of the milky foam on a coffee.

Across the world, the health benefits of ingredients are more important than ever before. Beverages are being boosted with natural, nutritious superfoods and vegan, plant-based milks are on the rise – think moon milks, charcoal lattes and matcha teas. People like to know exactly what goes into their drink, which is why many look for clean labels.

Sourcing ingredients that balance striking visual appeal with authentic flavour and nutritional qualities can be difficult. Not only that, but there is increasing pressure on beverage manufacturers to be green and more sustainable – to reduce plastic use and waste.
Chaucer’s wide range of freeze-dried fruit and vegetables offer the perfect ingredient solutions for the beverage market. The freeze-drying process locks in natural colour, authentic flavour and key nutrients, with no artificial additions. They add vibrant colour, delicious taste, and deliver health benefits. They provide big impact from a small quantity and have a long shelf life, which aids waste reduction and is a great choice for foodservice outlets that have a no knives policy. Available in whole, slices, pieces or powder, versatile freeze-dried fruit and vegetables can be used in a wide range of sweet and savoury beverages. They add authentic taste and texture – unlike a lot of flavoured syrups.

If you’re looking for sweet baked additions, our creative and technical R&D team can deliver. From waffles for milkshakes, to gingerbread sprinkles for hot beverages, the possibilities are endless and potential limitless. Our skilled team will collaborate with you to find a solution which adds real value.

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