Yoghurt Parfait with Raspberry, Blueberry & Maple Syrup


  • 215g (4.8 oz.) Authentic Greek Yoghurt
  • 40g (1.4 oz.) Maple Syrup or Runny Honey; plus, For Macerating Fruit: 40g (1.4 oz.) Maple Syrup or Runny Honey
  • ¼ tsp Vanilla Essence
  • 20g (0.7 oz.) Chaucer Raspberry Pieces
  • 20g (0.7 oz.) Chaucer Whole Blueberries
  • 60g Crunchy Granola
  • 2g (0.7 oz.) Chaucer Gingerbread Sprinkles (optional)
  • 2 Tall Glasses
Other ingredients suggestions

Try any of the other Chaucer fruit ingredients, such as Chaucer
Cherries, Chaucer Blackberries, or Chaucer Pineapple Tidbits & Chaucer Kiwi pieces. For a different crunchy topping try Chaucer waffle sprinkles.


  • 1
    In a bowl whisk up the Greek yoghurt and 40g maple syrup and vanilla.
  • 2
    In 2 separate bowls mix the Chaucer Raspberries with half of the honey and mix the Chaucer Blueberries together with the remaining half of the honey. Or mix altogether for an easier recipe and mixed fruit look.
  • 3
    Split the macerated Chaucer Blueberries in each of 2 glasses, lining the bottom of the glass.
  • 4
    Dollop with half of the parfait.
  • 5
    Sprinkle with chopped pistachios and half the granola.
  • 6
    Repeat with the Chaucer Raspberries, parfait, and granola again making sure that the last layer of granola covers the top of the yoghurt layer completely.
  • 7
    Add the gingerbread sprinkles on top of the granola if using and perhaps a couple of (non-macerated) blueberries/raspberries.
  • 8
    Cover and chill.
  • 9
    Serve when required (within 2 days of making).


For a floral flavour – swap vanilla for 1 tsp of rose water or 1 tsp orange flower water and for extra crunch and colour contrast add in 50g of Chopped Pistachios.

Benefits of using Chaucer products

  • Great flavour
  • Great crunch and texture
  • Long shelf life with no loss of colour or flavour
  • Visually appealing
  • Small quantities, big impact
  • No fuss, no mess and no chopping required