It’s the weird and wonderful creations that are standing out in today’s confectionery market.

As demand grows for sweet snacks, candy and chocolate, so does the adventurous appetite of consumers.

In Asia-Pacific regions, sugar confectionary reigns supreme. Manufacturers are getting creative, mixing up flavours, textures and shapes of gummies, boiled sweets and lollipops – think wasabi marshmallows and cocktail-flavoured candy. Vegetables, such as beans and purple sweet potato, are being combined with chocolate, as are fruits such as peach and lemon. Premium chocolate is in demand in the USA, with unique inclusions inspired by baked desserts, cereals, fruits and vegetables.

Snack-sized confectionery, made from natural sugar, is big in Europe. Super candies, which are enriched with vitamins, minerals and nutrients, will satisfy the demand for healthier food. Smaller portions and pack sizes mean they can be eaten on the go, fitting in with busy lifestyles.

Across the world, personalisation is popular in confectionary, with people wanting to pick their own ingredients and create their own flavours.

To keep consumers sweet, confectionery manufacturers have to constantly innovate. They are under increasing pressure to develop new and novel ideas, which is why they invest heavily in R&D. Dreaming up new, inspiring ideas is only one half of the challenge – the other is sourcing ingredients that will perform well, deliver on taste and texture, and satisfy consumer demand for natural flavour, colour and nutrients. Across the world, the confectionery industry is also facing the challenge of sugar reduction in products.
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Our freeze-dried fruits solve the issue of sugar reduction, as the natural flavour and sweetness of the fruit is preserved during the drying process. Bright, vibrant colours are also retained, along with nutrients, creating a healthy ingredient perfect for confectionery applications.

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