In a world where lifestyles are getting busier, many meal choices are centred around convenience. People want meals that are easy to create, with little preparation or planning time. They look for ingredients with a long shelf life and that are convenient, but with a great taste, high quality and nutritional benefits.

Millennials, in particular, are driving a resurgence in frozen food and dried savoury meals. In Europe, wet sauces in jars reigned supreme in the supermarket aisles 15 years ago – but now dried meal kits are making a comeback. Pasta, couscous mixes and even mashed potato are seeing increased sales, along with dried herbs and spices.

In the USA and Asia, dried savoury meals are incredibly popular. In Asia-Pacific regions, noodles are a staple meal. Their versatility means they can be paired with different dishes, or flavoured and consumed as an instant snack.

In the USA, meal kits are a growing market. Packed with dried savoury ingredients, most of the meal is already prepared, saving time and money. Salad kits are also popular, where people have the opportunity to personalise their meal with baked croutons, toppings and sprinkles, which add texture.

As with all areas of the food and beverage market, NPD teams are constantly challenged to create something new. Experimental flavours and combinations need to be created for dried savoury meals that are tasty, nutritious and work well in application.

There is also pressure to reduce salt and sugar, which is often added to flavour dried ingredients, such as noodles.

Whether tried and tested or tailor-made, our experienced R&D team understands your needs and can deliver solutions for dried savoury meals. Our creative and skilled technical experts can work with you to develop enticing new flavours and delicious inclusions that will stand out in the market and add real value.

Our baked savoury ingredients, such as sprinkles and crumbs, are great for adding texture to meals, whilst freeze-dried vegetables, herbs, and pulses lock in authentic flavour, nutrients and colour.

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