4 Delicious Ways to Mix Great Taste with Sustainability

November 2021

Today’s consumers are more focused on how their foods are produced and what’s in them than ever before. More than half of Generation Z (54%) and Millennials (50%) are willing to spend an incremental 10% or more on sustainable products. Compared to Generation X (34%) and Baby Boomers (23%), it’s clear the direction global food trends are heading.

At Chaucer Foods, we’re working every day to innovate new freeze-dried and baked ingredients that deliver the taste and nutrition consumers want with the sustainable sourcing they demand. Here are a few recipes you can create to deliver all the taste and none of the regret:

Portobello Mushrooms, filled with Ricotta, Chive and Spinach (get the recipe): Savor delicious mushrooms with a scrumptious ricotta cheese filling and zing of Chaucer’s comte powder and garlic and herb crumb topping. Onions, cheddar cheese, baby spinach, chives, and a bit of olive oil and lemon juice pull this hearty meal together on a single plate.
Spicy Indian Naan Chips with Red Lentil & Roast Red Pepper Hummus Style Dip (get the recipe): Snack on a flavorful Chaucer’s naan bread chips with an added spicy kick. Combine shallots, red chili, red lentils, roasted red peppers, natural Greek yogurt for a tasty treat your whole family will enjoy. Topped with ginger puree, cumin, paprika and more mouthwatering spices.
Fig & Clementine Granola (get the recipe): Kick of the day with a natural energy boost. Oats, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, honey and Chaucer’s own freeze-dried clementine pieces will make your morning shine. Don’t stop there — add our green fig as a tempting topping.
Peach, Apricot & Passion Fruit Instant Porridge Mix (get the recipe): This sweet treat can be a breakfast, dessert, or mid-day indulgence. Take a combination of Chaucer’s favorite freeze-dried options — peaches, apricots and passionfruit — and add some rolled oats and milk powder. A little bit of work for a fantastic and flavorful snack.
What recipe tantalized your taste buds the most? Visit our website to discover more applications for adding freeze-dried and baked ingredients to your next sustainable food innovation.

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