4 Ways to Add Value to Plant-Based Foods and Beverages

November 2020

To stand out in the crowded plant-based food and beverage market, NPD teams must deliver products with great taste and texture, as well as proven functional benefits. Versatile and easy to blend, freeze-dried fruit, vegetables and pulses are ideal for adding natural flavors, vibrant colors and nutrition to plant-based food and beverage applications.

Vegan baked inclusions can also add texture, taste and visual appeal to indulgent plant-based offerings, including non-dairy ice creams and desserts, baked goods, confectionery, and more.

Check out these tips for elevating your plant-based formulations:

1. For an extra boost of protein, consider formulating with freeze-dried pulses.

Chickpeas are one of the world’s most popular protein-packed pulses, and an essential ingredient for a wide range of vegan, vegetarian and plant-based foods. With a mild flavor profile that compliments other ingredients, freeze-dried chickpeas are the perfect addition for snack mixes, wraps, salads, bakery products, vegetarian burgers and dried savory dishes.

Black beans are another popular pulse ingredient, playing a central role in many global cuisines, including Latin American, Indian and Cajun dishes. They add heft and texture to plant-based meals without detracting from other flavor profiles, compliment a variety of other vegetable ingredients, and are an excellent vehicle for a wide range of spices. Freeze-dried black beans are also a healthy source of plant-based protein with applications in plant-based burgers, curries and stews.

2. For added nutrition and bright, vibrant color, blend freeze-dried fruit and vegetables

Freeze-dried fruit and vegetables are perfectly aligned with the trend toward functional, plant-based ingredients and a simpler label. Unlike other drying methods, the freeze-drying process preserves the shape, color and flavor of fruit and vegetables, as well as key nutrients. When used as an ingredient, inclusion, or topping, freeze-dried fruit and vegetables can add authentic nutrition and natural colors to a range of food and drink applications, including beverages, snacks, bakery, confectionery and dairy.

3. For bold flavors and texture, try freeze-dried smoothies

Chaucer’s freeze-dried fruit smoothie mixtures are a versatile way to add interest to new plant-based formulations. Smoothie pieces add a pop of color, flavor and texture to snack mixes and cereals, while freeze-dried smoothie powders can be used as an instant beverage mix or as a filling or coating in bars.

4. For extra indulgence, add vegan baked ingredients

All of Chaucer’s baked selections are made using authentic ingredients and contain no additives or artificial preservatives, supporting a simpler label. Many of the baked products are vegan, enabling product developers to formulate new and indulgent offerings for consumers adhering to a plant-based diet. Baked ingredients also have a low water content, which means they can be easily incorporated into any product recipe.

Whether you’re working on something new or reformulating to meet new trends, our expert and skilled R&D team can work with you to develop a high-quality, innovative product. Learn more about all of our freeze-dried and baked ingredient offerings, or contact us today at customer.services@chaucerfoods.com.

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