Approachable Global Cuisine: Bringing the World of Flavor Home

August 2023

Whether inspired by Asian flavor experiences or infused with Latin American flare, global consumers are searching for international flavors to spice up their day. Two-thirds of shoppers say they are more likely to spend money on products with unique, global flavors1 — and the need to locate approachable options that can appeal to a broader audience is crucial. Today’s innovative formulators can begin to ease people into enjoying a new taste experience by using recognizable ingredients in snacks, beverages, and desserts.

In fact, making globally inspired foods approachable is key, with 70% of consumers stating that familiarity is important when encountering unfamiliar foods2. By introducing your audience to worldly flavors through foods that are recognizable, you can open doors for them to expand their palette and enjoy an endless array of internationally inspired bites.

Here are four globetrotting trends to share with tomorrow’s shopper:

Snacking Across the World
Did you know that nearly half of consumers snack more than three times a day3? As peoples’ between meal habits change, your business can capitalize on a whole new market. From churros to hummus, the ability to infuse snacks with new, tantalizing tastes is an innovative way to build flavor popularity and create long-time customers. Consider offering them ways to sample new, exotic tastes in snack form rather than a sit-down meal. Whether it is chips or trail mixes, by using global ingredients that shoppers can still trust, a scary, unknown flavor can become a positive, memorable experience that turns a common snacker into a global snack connoisseur.

Sustainable Beverages
Recent reports show that 74% of consumers believe food companies should work to reduce their emissions, and 68% said sustainably sourced ingredients are important3. With sustainability remaining a driving force for consumer purchase decisions, manufacturers must work to not only ensure their company is environmentally responsible, but that they are responsibly sourcing sustainable ingredients, too. By using ingredients grown through environmentally responsible methods, like freeze-dried fruit and vegetable powders, you can create an enticing new offering—without negatively impacting the environment.

Bold, International Beverages
The beverage battle continues to rage on store shelves and the introduction of exciting new flavor profiles can set your brand apart from the competition. In fact, data shows that there is an increase in brands launching a variety of new options all with the help of international flavors4. Imagine a world where we can sip our way from the ordinary to the extraordinary! From blackcurrant to pineapple, freeze-dried ingredients give beverage formulators flexibility when developing a liquid product, as the ingredients retain their nutrients, color, and flavor. When used in powder form, freeze-dried ingredients also blend seamlessly whether you are in the mood for hot or cold concoctions.

Global Desserts

Why settle for the same old vanilla option when you can spice it up with something you can’t get every day? Offer shoppers a chance to end their day or start it – we’re not judging – with an indulgence inspired by flavors from far-off places! With nearly half of consumers interested in global desserts2, and experts stating that younger consumers gravitate toward unique dessert flavors3, your team of sweet treat testers can experiment with enticing, rarely found flavors. Whether it’s a new take on popular indulgences like mochi, or a lesser-known indulgence like the Indonesian dessert, Kuih Lapis, brands can use trustworthy ingredients to deliver great tastes and colors, without the unhealthy additives commonly reserved for dessert time.

As a food brand, you can take the lead in making international flavors more approachable and appealing to people who might otherwise be intimidated by them. By using recognizable and flavor-packed ingredients, such as freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, within familiar products such as snacks, beverages, and desserts, your audience can dip their tastebuds into the exploration of global cuisine.

For more insight on how to innovate with global flavors, check out our article with Julie Casagrande, Senior Commercialization Manager – Americas, and Echo Yang, Head of R&D Business Development – APAC at Chaucer Foods, or contact us today to talk to our team of experts.


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