Innovation on Tap: Unleashing the Power of Beverage Innovation

July 2023

Over the past 20 years, we have seen the advancement of beverage formulations and cutting-edge technologies capable of fully reimagining manufacturing operations. Through these shifting capabilities, the increased access to new drink options continues to enhance the lives of everyday consumers. Whether providing health or important environmental benefits, or even just to excite one’s taste buds, we are seeing today’s beverage innovations become more centered around helping consumers be everything and do anything they can imagine.

As global consumers become increasingly interested in personal nutrition, the wellbeing of the environment, and exploring more adventurous flavors, beverage manufacturers must try to juggle these demands. Fortunately, recent estimates suggested the global beverage market would reach nearly $1.7 billion this year1, providing ample opportunity to test a brand’s creativity across new and growing markets.

Check out three trending consumer interests shaping beverage innovation:

Functional Benefits

People continue to seek beverages that heighten their overall health and wellness, like sleep aid or an energy boost. In fact, 80% of consumers are interested in functional beverages, with 45% wanting energy benefits, and 40% looking for both sleep support and stress reduction2. You can give your audience the nutrients they’re pursuing by adding nutrient-dense ingredients like freeze-dried strawberry, kiwi, carrot, and ginger. When used in a beverage-friendly freeze-dried powder form, these flavorful, nutritious ingredients are a perfect complement to any hot or cold creation, supplying vitamins that boost functionality for every health-conscious consumer.

Sustainable Beverages

Recent reports show that 74% of consumers believe food companies should work to reduce their emissions, and 68% said sustainably sourced ingredients are important3. With sustainability remaining a driving force for consumer purchase decisions, manufacturers must work to not only ensure their company is environmentally responsible, but that they are responsibly sourcing sustainable ingredients, too. By using ingredients grown through environmentally responsible methods, like freeze-dried fruit and vegetable powders, you can create an enticing new offering—without negatively impacting the environment.

Fantastic Flavors

Even as they walk the aisles of their local grocers, people want to explore the enticing tastes of far-off places and are drawn to enchanting flavor combinations that grab their interest, such as freeze-dried beetroot and green fig. With 43% of consumers saying that they’re more likely to try a new drink based on appealing flavors over health benefits4, and nearly one-third rating taste and flavor as the top priority when choosing a beverage5, there’s a vast opportunity for your brand to get creative when developing a new beverage. Exploring the use of global flavors and exotic options like wolfberry or rhubarb stirs up interest in the liquid refreshment, creating a wave of excitement for the offering.

From eco-conscious drinks to energy boosting concoctions and more, global brands are innovating faster than ever when it comes to beverages. You can keep pace with these demands by expanding your range of refreshments with sustainable, functional and flavorful ingredients like Chaucer’s freeze-dried fruits and vegetables. Rich in vitamins, sustainably sourced and oh-so full of flavor, Chaucer’s variety of ingredients incorporate beautifully within any beverage innovation your customers can imagine.

For more insight on beverage innovation, check out our article with Ren Feng, APAC Key Account Sales Manager, and Grace Xu, APAC Sales Account Manager at Chaucer Foods, or contact us today to talk to our team of experts.


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