NEW Freeze-Dried Smoothies Perfect for Functional, On-the-Go Snacking

July 2020

Smoothies and health drinks have become an increasingly popular snack choice and meal replacement for children and adults alike. Not only do smoothies provide satiety – an important consideration for health-conscious snackers – they’re also delicious, visually appealing, and portable, aligning with growing demand for snack options that are both healthy and convenient.

With Chaucer’s freeze-dried smoothie mixtures, you can bring the benefits and appeal of smoothies to all your snack products.

Innovative Applications

Available in large or small pieces or in powder form, freeze-dried smoothie ingredients leverage all the great taste, flavor and nutrition of freeze-dried fruits and vegetables for added versatility in formulating better-for-you snacks.

Smoothie pieces can be used for:

  • A nutritious inclusion in cereal
  • Adding texture in snacks or baked goods
  • Creating a pop of color and flavor in ice cream

Use smoothie powders to:

  • Create a nutritious filling or coating for snack bars
  • Add color and flavor to instant beverage mixes
  • Give natural color and flavor to ice cream or white chocolate

Superfood nutrition

Chaucer freeze dries fruit smoothie mixtures, allowing them to retain their original nutritional value. Customizable to meet any application, freeze-dried smoothies can be fortified with probiotics, prebiotics, vitamins and minerals to support additional nutritional claims. They can also incorporate extra ingredients for added texture, such as superfoods like matcha and spirulina, oats or chia seeds, or even a product of your own.

Vibrant new flavors and colors

Chaucer’s freeze-dried smoothie products go beyond traditional flavor combinations to help you create buzz-worthy new products. Tap into new, adventurous snacking experiences with flavors such as:

  • Banana, Beetroot, Raspberry & White Chia Seeds
  • Banana, Dragonfruit, Pomegranate & Probiotic
  • Banana, Sweet Potato, Passionfruit & Turmeric
  • Banana, Pineapple, Kale & Chlorella
  • Banana, Coconut & Matcha
  • Banana, Apple & Blackcurrant
  • Banana, Mango & Passionfruit
  • Banana & Strawberry

Freeze-drying also preserves natural fruit colors. The vibrant red, pink and purple hues of berries, for example, appear just as they were before the fruit was freeze-dried. Add bite-size splashes of color to cereals and snacks with smoothie pieces, or use smoothie powders as a natural coloring for ice cream, beverages and confections.

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