Recipe Inspiration: EMEA

August 2021

If you’re looking for a way to incorporate plant-based ingredients into your food and beverage creations, freeze-dried fruits and vegetables can be ideal for inclusions and decorations.

In the EMEA market, convenience is important as well as offering a new flavor experience. Freeze-dried fruits and vegetables satisfy both of those needs and also address concerns about sugar reduction and artificial preservatives.

The versatility of freeze-dried fruits and vegetables makes it easier to innovate healthier foods that have ideal texture, outstanding taste and a cleaner label.

Here are some recipe ideas for the EMEA market:

1. Quick, healthy snack

The ideal snacks for today’s consumer are tasty, nutritious and easy to eat. Energy balls infused with cranberries, apricots and blackberries are a colorful way to provide a snack that is ideal for breakfast for in between meals. With no artificial colors or additives and a long shelf life, these snacks are an attractive alternative to higher-fat, less-healthy snacks.


2. Instagram-ready drink

The demand for non-alcoholic drinks doesn’t mean a pivot to just soda or water. A healthy drink alternative could include Chaucer blackberries and lemons, as well as any number of other fruits for a tasty and colorful splash.


3. Smoothie to remember

If you’re a foodservice operator, you can still provide healthy options that will impress discerning consumers. A smoothie bowl that features Chaucer Dragon Fruit Pieces as well as other fruits for decoration will be an experience to remember.


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