Savoring Tomorrow: What’s Cooking in Global Consumer Demands?

December 2023

In a world as diverse as our taste buds, attempting to win over global consumers requires more than a one-size-fits-all approach. For food and beverage brands aspiring to make a mark on the international stage, long-term success lies in creating innovations that resonate with palates shaped by individual experiences and regional influences.

From meals eaten on-the-go to regions where mealtime is a day-long affair centered around family and friends, food and drink can influence so much of who we are. By understanding your customer’s regional needs and changing market trends, you’ll be better positioned to lead exciting conversations — and claim more grocery store shelves — in the new year.

Check out a few of the top regional food and beverage trends that will become more popular in 2024:


Consumers in the Asia-Pacific market want to experience exciting new product innovations that create memorable moments. In fact, regional analysts are seeing growth within the premiumization of snacks and confections, showing that these customers are on the hunt for high-quality ingredients, unique flavors and limited-edition releases1. That means creating new flavors, colors, and textures that are a level above the competition.

While it can be a challenge, this can be an R&D team’s dream come true. This market is willing and open to testing out innovative, original products, encouraging a team of creative minds to go wild. From K-Pop branded frozen desserts made with vibrant freeze-dried blueberries to explosively bold beverages full of tantalizing, freeze-dried strawberry and pineapple powders, brands can lean on flavor-packed freeze-dried ingredients to shape the experience.


Eco-conscious across all industries, European, Middle Eastern, and African consumers are committed to improving the environment – including ensuring their food and beverages are sustainable. Recent studies suggest that these consumers are highly motivated to reduce their personal climate impact, with 58% considering sustainable benefits important for food and beverage purchases2.

Whether it’s an indulgent confection or a sports nutrition beverage, these consumers are supporting companies that make proven efforts to meet sustainability goals. As a brand, you can attract a wider audience within this market by carefully sourcing sustainable ingredients, like freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, and using environmentally friendly, recyclable packaging materials.


Shoppers across the Americas region have shifted their focus to personal health and wellness, looking to reap the functional benefits of food as medicine. In fact, more than half of the region’s adults consume two or more products that claim functional benefits3.

From a morning wellness smoothie to a protein-packed on-the-go bar, people in the Americas place an emphasis on nutrient-dense, better-for-you food and beverages. You can tap into this growing audience by swapping artificial, nutrient-deficient ingredients with healthier alternatives that also provide more flavor and taste, such as freeze-dried raspberries and wild blueberries.

Start the new year off with a win by bringing these regional trends into your daily conversations and begin to re-imagine what products are possible. In all parts of the world, Chaucer Foods’ range of freeze-dried and baked ingredients spark a consumer’s interest and can meet a variety of these demands. In addition, our global team can help your R&D team create delicious new offerings that will wow shoppers from North America to India and all across Europe.

To learn more about what consumers across the globe are demanding, check out our article with Viola Zhang, APAC Marketing Executive, Natty Baudrillard, NPD Project Leader, and Shaby Fisher, Global Marketing Manager, at Chaucer Foods, or contact us today to talk to our team of experts.

1 – “Dining Into The APAC Food Trends,” FHA Food & Beverage. August 2023.

2 – “What do consumers want from sustainable food and drink?” Food Navigator. May 2023.
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