Taste Without Compromise: How Clean Label is Changing the Sauce Game

October 2023

From private label to influencer-branded, the condiment industry has shifted from generic ketchup or hot sauce to tantalizing flavor combinations. Global consumers are showing a strong preference for both exciting flavors and simple, natural ingredients — as many as 83% of consumers report liking to see “100% natural” on a label, with 67% of consumers noting a preference for minimally processed products1.

Developing clean-label versions of sauces, dressings, dips, and spreads can create wildly appealing taste experiences and help previously unknown brands make their mark in the condiments category. Whether it’s an all-natural ranch or a clean label British brown sauce, the verdict is in: today’s consumer wants cleaner options to spread, dip, and enjoy.

Check out these three naturally delicious ways your business can answer the call for clean label condiments and secure another space on store shelves:

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Dressings & Marinades

From meal prepping for the week to nutrient-dense salads, shoppers want to make being healthy easy. However, many premade dressings, marinades, and meal kits are filled with unsavory ingredients. With 75% of people looking to limit sugars and additives2, brands must offer clean label alternatives.

Simple, recognizable freeze-dried fruits and vegetables can infuse the mouthwatering flavors consumers want while eliminating the need for artificial additives. Perfect for packaged powder dressing and make-at-home marinade kits, freeze-dried ingredients retain all of the desired benefits without the fear of spoiling.

Spreads & Dips

Whether celebrating a graduation, friends visiting town, or even watching your favorite sports team beat their arch-rival, the right spreads and dips can elevate any get-together. However, many of these stray far from “healthy” and the need for options with lower fat, salt, and sugar content is growing. With the dips and spreads market likely to grow over 5.4% from 2023 to 2032, there’s room for rethinking how you make, package, and promote the appetizer accompaniments3.

Brands can help their consumers serve up deliciousness without compromising on their wellness standards by putting simplicity first. Freeze-dried ingredients can help flavor both savory and sweet spreads, providing meaningful flavor and color to avoid artificial additives.

Sauces & Condiments

Sauce enthusiasts love the way the right one can enhance their meal, taking something that was good and making it great — half of consumers even note how the perfect sauce can turn healthy into indulgent4. Regardless of flavor profiles, sauces and condiments can play a vital role in helping health-conscious consumers stay on track with their lifestyle goals in an oh-so tasty way.

Give your consumers a product worth adding to their meals by sourcing nutritious ingredients that don’t require chemicals, such as freeze-dried ingredients. From spinach to sweetcorn, freeze-dried ingredients have a longer shelf life and are full of flavor. That means, your consumer can drizzle the condiments on without worry or distaste.

At Chaucer Foods, we’re here to make your clean label condiment development process easier than ever. Our freeze-dried fruits and vegetables are simple in nature, as the freeze-drying process pulls out the moisture from the ingredients, leaving all of the goodness to enjoy. This allows brands to infuse bold, natural flavor and color within their products, removing the need for artificial additives within condiments.

For more insight on how to innovate craveable, clean label condiments, check out our article with Renee de Ravin, APAC Sales Director at Chaucer Foods, or contact us today to talk to our team of experts.

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