Trend Watch: Show-Stopping, All-Natural Flavors and Colors

January 2023

Global shoppers are drawn to foods and beverages with bold flavors and colors. However, far too often, these options were produced with artificial ingredients. Today, your customers scour grocery store shelves seeking products that are both delicious and colorful—but ones that only contain natural ingredients. What’s a food manufacturer to do?

Research shows that 76% of global consumers believe food products shouldn’t contain artificial ingredients, and over 60% avoid artificial coloring entirely1. For formulators, the essential next step comes by finding innovative ways to incorporate natural ingredients across their existing and emerging product lines. Your brands can use freeze-dried ingredients to innovate an offering that sources its eye-catching color and tantalizing taste from nature. It’s a straightforward solution to a long-time problem.

Let’s dive into how the demand for all-natural ingredients is shaping the industry:


Interest in the global supplement and vitamin market has increased greatly as consumers learn more about how to fuel their bodies with the proper nutrients. In fact, 60% say that they are curious about the benefits of vitamins, minerals and supplements2. While intrigued by supplements, people generally prefer that the nutrients come from natural sources, like fruits and vegetables. Research shows that:

– 72% of millennial consumers want supplements made with real food ingredients2
– 69% want supplements made with superfood ingredients2

Perfect for supplements, Chaucer’s freeze-dried fruit and vegetable powders can supply vibrant reds, oranges, blues and greens, along with a naturally sweet taste. As an exciting bonus, freeze-dried ingredients can also provide an additional boost of all-natural vitamins and antioxidants to the supplement.

Who doesn’t love to indulge in a treat (or two…or five)? For clean label consumers, finding a nutritious dessert, made with healthy, natural ingredients can be challenging—but not impossible. With 39% of Gen Z and millennials having already tried desserts and candy made with natural ingredients, like dragon fruit3, it’s clear that consumers enjoy recognizing the ingredients that provide the enticing flavor and color. Additionally, data shows that nearly one-third are willing to try a new dessert or candy if it offers better-for-you benefits3.

Whether it’s a vibrant red ice cream made with freeze-dried strawberries, or a decadent blue frosting made with freeze-dried blueberries, consumers are sure to enjoy being able to recognize what their indulgences are made of.


With 62% of consumers saying that they avoid artificial coloring in foods and beverages, brands must create flavorful and colorful drinks with recognizable ingredients. On top of that, one in three shoppers are interested in hydration drinks2, like sports beverages, to help them bounce back after a good workout or close game.

Ideal for hot or cold drinks, Chaucer’s freeze-dried fruit powders easily infuse into a range of beverages for consumers to enjoy. Instead of filling up on a cup of chemical ingredients, you can let your customers sip on a refreshing beverage made with ingredients they recognize and trust.

By innovating products to include natural ingredients, you can provide an opportunity for your consumers to enjoy exciting foods, without artificial ingredients holding them back. From powders and pieces to whole inclusions and fruit purees, Chaucer Foods’ freeze-dried ingredient range can help you and your team create the memorable flavors and appealing colors that are meant to impress.

Want to learn more about how the demand for bold, natural flavors and colors is shaping the industry and potential formulation challenges that come with it? Check out our recent conversation with Chaucer Foods’ Itzel Rincon, NPI and Sales Director for the Americas, to learn more.

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