Five Beverages Sure to Stir Up Demand

September 2022

Whether they want it on-the-go as a meal supplement or just something simple to sip on, consumers are scanning the shelves for healthy beverage options with a nutritional boost. With the functional beverage market predicted to reach $279.4 billion by 20301, formulators must find nutritious solutions to grab consumer attention and stand out from the crowd.

Check out five beverage inspirations that are sure to perk your customer’s interest:

1. Blackberry, Elderflower, Lemon Sparkling Water

Let’s get fizzacle! Fruity, refreshing and naturally sweet—it’s no wonder consumers are swapping out soda for sparkling waters. By adding real ingredient pieces, consumers can see, taste and feel the immune-boosting difference that freeze-dried fruits provide. If you want to take this sparkling water up a level, try incorporating prebiotic ingredients that appeals to consumers looking for a gut-healthy treat.

2. Red Bean Milk Tea

Originally popular in Asia, global consumers are now raving about this milky tea offering. As a great way to enjoy boosting one’s fiber intake, Red Bean Milk Tea is believed to help aid digestion, increase energy levels and provide heart healthy benefits. Whether they want a drinkable dessert or midday treat, adding freeze-dried red bean powder is a simple way to innovate a globally trending tea creation. 

3. Infused Tea Bag, Mixed Berry, Lavender & Rose

Today’s on-the-go worker wants a quick meal without excessive packaging or unhealthy ingredients. Appeal to their tastebuds—and inner child—with this fruity instant porridge mix. Easily prepared and better-for-us, Peach, Apricot & Passion Fruit Instant Porridge Mixes will be a go-to morning choice. Mix our sustainable and healthy freeze-dried fruits with rolled oats and your choice of milk powder or yogurt for a nutritious and earth-friendly breakfast option.

4. Kale Zinger

With only five simple, natural ingredients providing its memorable flavor and color, the Kale Zinger beverage inspiration is sure to deliver a WOW! reaction. By keeping it clean label, plant-based and ready-to-drink friendly, this recipe allows the power of nutrient dense ingredients to shine through. Are your customers looking for something a little bit sweeter but still a whole lot healthier? Toss in banana or two and add Chaucer’s freeze-dried powder, oats and water into a blender for a tasty, slurpable smoothie.

5. The Fine Apple

Want to make a natural twist to a spirited adult beverage? Adding a rim coating of freeze-dried pineapple powder transforms a standard cocktail into one fancy-shmancy libation for any adult after a long day at the office or chasing their kids from one activity to the next. Try swapping pineapple powder for other fruity ingredients, like blueberry, and let your creativity run wild.

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