Five Picky-Eater Approved Product Inspirations

June 2022

During Covid lockdowns, many parents became more focused on the value of home-cooked nutrition for their children. As parents returned to the office and kids returned to regularly scheduled playdates, the need for quick and easy snack options returned.

Appealing to both nutrition-focused parents and finnicky eaters doesn’t have to be a struggle.

Innovating creative and kid-friendly formulations with natural, healthy ingredients makes the whole family happy. Check out five recipe inspirations that are parent and picky-eater approved:

1. Blueberry & Raspberry Rice Cakes
Kids love anything loud and crunchy. Offer a sweet, crunchy snack that is small enough to fit in their tiny hands with this blueberry and raspberry rice cake inspiration! Great for a mid-day snack, fruity rice cakes provide a burst of natural vitamins and flavor with Chaucer’s freeze-dried fruit powders.
2. Raspberry, Blueberry & Cranberry Protein Bar
Protein is an essential building block for a child’s diet, especially for ones involved in sports. Ensure kids receive the right amount of protein by producing a kid-friendly, protein packed nutrition bar. Easy for on-the-go consumption to receive a boost of nutrition in a pinch, fruit-focused protein bars please the parent’s demand for added nutrition and kid’s need for a tasty snack.
3. Chinese Toddler Rice Porridge
Perfect for children who love to expand their palate with international flavors, Chinese Toddler Rice Porridge boosts vitamins and minerals in a delicious way. Filled with freeze-dried vegetables and hearty rice, this tasty dish is easy to prepare, nutritious and offers a variety of colors, textures, and global flavors for the kiddos to explore.
4. Beetroot, Grilled Red Bell Pepper Snack Pack
Convenient, nutrient-dense, crunchy and delicious, freeze-dried vegetable snack packs provide a variety of healthy snacks for kids to munch on. Packed with vitamins and minerals, these crunchy delights are ideal as a healthy alternative for chips when kids are craving a crispy treat.
5. Fig, Pineapple & Banana Snack Pack
Similar to the vegetable snack packs, Fig, Pineapple and Banana Snack Packs cure the sweet tooth without the need for loads of added sugar. Whether it’s an addition to a lunch box or a quick snack on-the-go before soccer practice, kids are sure to love the sweet and crunchy aspect, while parents will adore the simplicity of this healthy snack.

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