Seven Simple Ways to Make Your Tea and Coffee Experience Soar

October 2021

APAC shoppers are looking for a beverage that does more than satisfy a thirst; they want an experience, a memory, and a moment. Whether it is a satisfying, fruit-flavored tea or the perfect cup of coffee with a savory kick, there are plenty of ways businesses can help personalize their customers’ drink options.

Here are 7 exciting ways to add a little something extra into the next sip:

1. Make it Milky:

The right drop of dairy can make any drink a little bit creamy and a lot more tempting. In 2020 alone, there were 85,400 newly registered milk tea companies in China, an increase of about 33% year-over-year. Additionally, the Chinese online payment platform Alipay reported that online ordering for milk tea rose 25% among middle-aged and elderly individuals.

2. A Handful of the Traditional:

Fresh fruit flavors such as strawberry, blueberry, juicy peach and lychees have grown in popularity and help keep nutrition front-of-mind.

3. A Handful of the New:

Brand-new combinations of traditional fruits and botanicals along with new flavors such as the yuzu or red beans have become popular across Asia.

4. Sweet Baked Goods:

From waffles to cinnamon to flavorful sprinkles, the possibilities are limitless when it comes to complementing hot beverages with savory sweets.

5. Put it on Ice:

On-the-go shakes can be breakfast while cold brews keep your energy high by incorporating mouth-watering desserts with a couple cubes of ice.

6. Blend It:

Classic flavors can be given a contemporary twist through blended collaborations, both sweet and savory – drinks spiced with gingerbread or fruit-infused tea.

7. Become a Foam Artist:

Edible decorations and foamy works of art can add attention to any drink. With the popularity of social media, the look of a drink can be even more enticing than the taste.
There’s no one way to fashion tea or coffee drinks, and these seven secrets can help turn any cup into something to be savored. At Chaucer Foods, we offer a wide range of freeze-dried options available from whole fruits and vegetables down to slices, pieces, or powders; each one offering the original natural color, authentic flavor and key nutrients with no artificial additions.

What’s the right ingredient to make your customer’s next beverage creation the best one yet? Visit our website to learn how you can use freeze-dried ingredients to elevate your next innovation and deliver the ultimate taste experience.

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